Our Vision

FIND your caregiving superpower.


Our vision is that every caregiver engages in supportive and responsive interactions with children.

The challenge is that some caregivers, whether parents or providers of young children, are in high stress situations which can affect their capacity to provide responsive caregiving and also their capacity to learn new skills given the limited cognitive bandwidth they have as they attend to these stressful experiences.

But here is the good news. We don’t need to build the skill of responsive caregiving from scratch -- every caregiver naturally engages in this type of interaction. And we have found a way to tap into that instinctual caregiving superpower that every caregiver has.

Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND) is a video coaching program for caregivers of young children. FIND employs video to reinforce naturally occurring, developmentally supportive interactions between caregivers and young children. This simple, practical approach emphasizes caregivers’ strengths and capabilities.

FIND was developed by Dr. Philip Fisher and colleagues. The approach has roots in the tradition of microsocial interaction research at Oregon Social Learning Center and in an intervention called Marte Meo, which has been widely implemented in Europe and elsewhere.