FIND in Pediatric Primary Care.


The FIND Program has been piloted at the Massachusetts General Hospital Revere Healthcare Center and is currently being implemented at the People’s Community Clinic in Austin, Texas. These projects aim to adapt the FIND video coaching model for use in pediatric care settings.

Serve and Return Handouts for Well Child Checks

The following handouts connect the scientific concept of serve and return to common concerns parents bring up during a well child check. These handouts can be used in pediatric care clinics or other early childhood settings to inform parents and providers about the importance of serve and return during common activities with young children. Please click on the following six links to access the handouts:

  1. Soothing Handout

  2. Feeding and Eating Handout

  3. Naps and Bedtime Handout

  4. Play Handout

  5. Books and Reading Handout

  6. Challenging Behaviors Handout