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The FIND team is currently evaluating the program in a variety of settings. Projects include three ongoing randomized control trials and multiple smaller scale studies designed to adapt and test the program in particular contexts and with specific populations. This includes child welfare involved families, young parents, fathers, mothers with postpartum mood symptoms, child care providers and parents with cognitive disabilities. We have served about 800 caregivers and 3000 children.

These evaluations have shown positive results in impacting parenting stress, sense of competence and inhibitory control as well as improving the quality and rates of child-caregiver interactions. FIND has been especially effective for parents who experienced high levels of adverse experiences as children, and for single parents. In the next year, data from our first large-scale randomized clinical trial will allow us to determine the extent to which the  impact on parenting is associated with child well-being.

It is important to acknowledge that while the FIND approach is evidence informed it is at present not an “evidence-based treatment.” The FIND team is committed to collecting data on outcomes for those who receive FIND coaching at all sites in which it is being implemented, with the goal of determining for whom FIND is effective and what sorts of supplemental services might increase effectiveness for those with mental health problems or other issues that limit their ability to benefit from FIND coaching.

Support for this work has come from the National Institutes of Health, Administration for Children & Families, Washington State Department of Early Learning, the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University, the Hemera Foundation, the Bezos Family Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon and Trillium Behavioral Health.